Malaysia & Hong Kong 香港 Based Photographer

Chester Kher

A Klang boy with a sentimental heart who photographs to preserve raw emotions in a single still moment, Chester photographs to immortalize moments and memories- something that is driven by a silent nostalgia after having lost a loved one. This was also the motivation behind his move from studio and corporate shoots, despite having worked with and for renowned names and brands. He is an introvert but don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you- he does not give up until he achieves the shoot he wants! When he is not behind his camera, you can find him behind a cup of coffee (or shall we say, cupS of coffee) editing photos or researching for his shoots. Naturally, Chester has a passion for all vintage themed shoots, especially oriental vintage ones.

Jon Cool

Behind his calm and observant nature, Jon is an adventure seeker at heart and often travels by his Kawasaki Ninja to scout out perfect spots for his photography work. His love for photography was sparked by a moment of love and joy that was captured in a family photo. Fascinated with captured emotions in life, he is inspired to use his photographs to tell stories from his adventures, travels and portraiture work. An interior designer by qualification, you can trust his eye for detail. Coupled with his persistency, he shoots for perfection to create timeless images.