攝影:Chester Kher Creations / 場地:九龍海逸君綽酒店 / 化妝及髮型:Katie Woo Makeup/ 新娘婚紗:榮華禮服 (裙褂), Hayley Paige from Run For The Dream (婚紗) / 新郎西裝:Menclave Homme

Making A Splash With Underwater Bridal Portraits

There are many ways for a couple to make a splash — this couple did it gorgeously, and literally, with an underwater shoot. We love the pops of colour, and especially how the bride’s red gown swirled like a mermaid’s tail in the water. We hope everything goes swimmingly well for this lovely couple!

Charley: “We just wanted to try something fresh, that was not too clichéd, and that did not require too much posing. We went ahead with this underwater idea without knowing what to expect. It was a challenging yet fulfilling experience!”

Liz & Wai Fong – The Shanghainese Soiree Project

Having a mutual affection for Shanghai, it made sense that this couple would tell their wedding story through this city, starting with their bridal portraits. From the bride’s glamorous silver cheongsam with a fur shrug and short modern cheongsam to the groom’s traditional Chinese suit featuring Mandarin collars and Western-style suits, the couple certainly mixed it up with equal amounts of classic and modern.


They met while working in the Magazine Line. No, it’s not what you think. It was no office romance, just work conversations over whose client gets what in the Magazine. It was only a good few years later (which by then one of them had left the company), that they started hanging out more… and now here they are.



The proposal happened on the 4th of July 2015. It was another one of Liz’s work trip to Shanghai, and Wai Fong had flown in less than 48 hours prior to the proposal day. The proposal location was the initial determination for the naming of “The Shanghainese Soiree”, it was later on further fortified by their affection for Shanghai developed over the many visits they had thereafter. This naming also helped to set the theme and dress code for the Wedding Reception which is ‘Suits & Cheongsams’ à la Shanghai in the 1920’s – 1930’s. The word ‘Project’, defined as a piece of planned work that is finished over a period of time with collaboration from a group of people, was later on added onto the initial naming. And that’s how “The Shanghainese Soiree Project” came to life.